Election Cake: A Forgotten Democratic Tradition

Obama Change in Campaign Tactics May Prove Fatal
August 24, 2017

Election Cake: A Forgotten Democratic Tradition
Most Americans today do not think about cake when considering this year’s election. But perhaps we should. Had we been colonists in New England or denizens of the new republic, cake would likely have been on our minds and in our bodies during election …
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What Is the Doctrine of Divine Election?
The idea that God does what He wants, and that what He does is true and right because He does it, is foundational to our understanding of everything in Scripture, including the doctrine of election. In the broad sense, election refers to the fact that God …
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DHS tags election systems as critical
To the consternation of some state government officials, the Department of Homeland Security on Jan. 6 moved to make state election systems part of the critical infrastructure sectors under its protection. The move comes in the wake of allegations of …
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Stanford study examines fake news and the 2016 presidential election
Now there’s concrete data proposing that false news stories may not have been as persuasive and influential as is often suggested. But the economists behind the research do not conclude one way or the other whether fake news swayed the election.
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