Lok Sabha Election 2014 | Vote on Caste or Concerns?

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April 25, 2017
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April 29, 2017

BJP is contesting 2014 Lok Sabha elections with the major issue of corruption and idolizing Gujarat development model where as Congress is seeking public vote for the work done by their government in the last ten years. All other regional parties have their own local agenda right from Samajwadi Party (SP) in U.P. to AIDMK in Tamil Nadu. However, there are only three fronts on which political parties are divided nationally and today their main agenda is communal VS non-communal. Now, are we going to give our vote only on the agendas fixed by our political parties or we will choose our own leader solely on the basis of our own agenda? Off course we should vote on our own agenda and for that we have to first analyze what are the biggest problems that we are facing today? To help you out, I have tried to figure out some of the major issues on which we should vote.

Unemployment: India has the largest population of youth and unemployment is the major concern for majority of them. However, the unemployment rate has significantly decreased over the past few years but still 2% of the total youth are unemployed in rural areas whereas 3% of urban youth are unemployed. Compared to 2010 when unemployment rate was 9.4% it is an improvement but when it comes to quality of job and job satisfaction, we are significantly lagging behind the other countries.

Good governance: Good governance is equally important for every citizen. All the government policies and work done by the government comes under the governance. So, it is extremely important to give your precious vote to only that party who is fully capable of delivering the smooth governance.

Corruption: Many parties are deliberately trying to change the main agenda of 2014 Lok Sabha election and instead of talking on major concerns like corruption, they are trying to mold it by introducing their own agendas. Corruption is a monster which keeps sucking the blood of common man. We have to think about a corruption free government when we are giving our valuable vote. Instead of choosing your candidate only on the basis of party, you should check the background of candidate who is representing the party in your constituency.

Safety and security: We should choose a government who can ensure the safety and security of every single citizen of India. Government should have enough capability to handle any situation firmly. We should choose a government that can maintain the integrity of our country intact and fully capable of defending our country boundaries.

Above discussed are some of the issues and agendas on which you can use your precious vote. It solely depends up to you what kind of Janpratinidhi you want to choose in your constituency.


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