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Minority Turnout Determined the 2012 Election
April 23, 2017
Lok Sabha Election 2014 | Vote on Caste or Concerns?
April 27, 2017

Minority Turnout Determined the 2012 Election
While it may seem like the 2012 presidential election has been analyzed to death, the recent release of the Census Bureau’s November election survey points out the key role that minority voter turnout, especially for blacks, played in determining the …
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Election Fraud in the 2008 Indiana Presidential Campaign: A Case Study in Corruption
Hans von Spakovsky is an authority on a wide range of issues – including civil rights, civil justice, the First Amendment, immigration. In fact, the conviction of local party officials and election workers involved with the 2008 Indiana Democratic …
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Philly Election Officials Charged With Election Fraud
On the night before Philly’s primary, four local election officials are accused of casting extra votes in order to balance their numbers. Sandra Lee, 60, Alexia Harding, 22, James Collins, 69, and Gregory Thomas, 60, are all charged with election fraud.
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Questions, concerns continue to swirl around election security
At an April 4 Election Assistance Commission public hearing, a senior Department of Homeland Security official sought to stress one thing: The designation of election systems as critical infrastructure doesn’t cut into states’ autonomy. Concerns over DHS …
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