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March 16, 2017
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March 20, 2017

The latest race for the President of the United State has already been a long one and it is not nearly over yet. It seems so long ago when the candidates announced they would be running and in the beginning there were so many of them this time around. There were so many that it was really baffling when a person began to consider who they thought might make the best future president. It was not that long before the preliminary races were over and we were left with the three top runners McCain, Obama, and Clinton.

Early on, the Republicans had their candidate picked in John McCain, but the Democratic Party had to really battle it out to make their decision and at last Obama came out the choice of the Democratic Party. While not everyone thought that the situation with Florida holding their primaries early was dealt with fairly, in the end it seems that the majority of democrats excepted the verdict that penalized the state by only allowing them a half vote. Clinton supporters were mixed when it came down to sticking with the democrats and supposedly some of the Clinton supporters have actually deserted the Democratic party, at least for this election, and have moved over to the McCain camp.

Over this past weekend, Obama has finally chosen and announced his running mate Joe Biden who is a thirty five year senatorial veteran in the state of Delaware. Many Clinton supporters held out hope that Obama would ultimately choose her as his running mate and now it remains to be seen whether those that had preferred Clinton to Biden will choose to continue to support Obama or choose to defect to the Republican side as many others did.

You can tell that the candidates on both sides are already getting fired up when as soon as Biden was announced as the running mate for Obama, the McCain campaign immediately came out with their first commercial more or less chiding Obama for not choosing Clinton. Why would they care? It is only one more way that to attack an opponent for making a choice that after all, was his to make and has nothing to do with any political issues at hand. When McCain announces his running mate will the democrats respond in kind with criticism about their choice?

Although this campaign has been one of the most interesting in recent history, the American people are fed up with all the sniping of one candidate to another and what is wanted and needed the most in this presidential race is to know clearly what each candidate intends to do about the many crisis issues that we are facing. Americans want the fire in the hearts of the candidates to be stoked over the issues at hand and not in how they can attack each other just to get in office.

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