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Did Anonymous stop Rove from stealing the election?
March 14, 2017
The Political Fires Are Heating Up Fast For Election 2008
March 18, 2017

Hey California. Here’s an URGENT SIGALERT: There’s a snake hidden in your midst, coiled inside your election machinery. Exercise extreme caution. Be on the lookout for a late-model black SUV with illegally-tinted windows… and a million votes tied …
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What happens when no one wins a presidential election?
We don’t talk a lot about the 12 th Amendment at the National Constitution Center, but this week marks a milestone that is an important part of the Constitution: The amendment allows Congress to settle disputed presidential elections. The 12th Amendment …
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Returning to the Classroom after the Election
At CRLT, we have been hearing from many instructors seeking guidance on how to talk with their students in the days following the election. Depending on many factors, you may or may not choose to engage students in conversation about the election results.