Did Anonymous stop Rove from stealing the election?

2016: A Hacked Election?
March 12, 2017
Latest Election News
March 16, 2017

Did Anonymous stop Rove from stealing the election?
On Election Night, viewers watched in shock as Karl Rove refused to accept the call, confirmed by Fox News analysts, that Ohio had gone to Obama. A release claiming to be from hacker collective Anonymous alleges there was more behind Rove’s freak-out …
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This election is so stressful that psychologists have actually released tips for how to deal — and we are grateful
Election season isn’t always a fun time for most people, but this upcoming presidential election in particular has many Americans feeling extra hopeless and frustrated. And if you watched the recent second presidential debate between Republican …
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Check out what the media is really saying about the 2016 election
When it comes to bombastic elections, 2016 is quickly making its way to the all-star list. Reading more like a reality show than a serious exercise in democracy, one of the biggest culprits in the horse race that is every presidential election would appear …
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