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Preparing for the US Election 2016
March 6, 2017
Oil Drilling and the Election
March 10, 2017

Election systems get ‘critical infrastructure’ designation
In the wake of allegations of Russian hacking U.S. political parties’ computers and various states’ voter registration files, the Department of Homeland Security moved to make state election systems one of the critical infrastructure sectors under its …
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How the presidential election is distracting holiday shoppers
This year’s highly politicized race is weighing down consumers at a time when retailers hope to capture their attention — and dollars — ahead of the holidays. There’s never been a presidential election cycle quite like this before. The highly …
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The Day After the Election
With the world’s attention focused on the U.S. presidential election, some attention must be devoted to the problems we will continue to face the day after the election, regardless of who is elected. Here are some of these problems. 1. The world will …