Donald Trump’s Presidential Election Campaign News – Things That Have Surfaced Till Now

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February 21, 2017
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February 25, 2017

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign for the year 2016 has been nothing less than bombastic. He has been in the news, most of the times for all the good reasons. He has come out and expressed himself in an outlandish manner, something that people have really liked about him. And if the latest news of 2016 presidential election results is considered an indicator for the things to follow, then we are witnessing a real paradigm shift. In the recent times, you must have seen or heard news features criticizing the style of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign for 2016. But, if you regularly follow his interaction with media and the people of the US, you would know for yourself that some of the biggest news brands are trying to show him down. Why? May be their motive is different to what Trump is trying to achieve.

In his latest interaction with the media, he out rightly accepted his unique way of doing things. He never shies away from a word or two of contempt for the people involved in the wrong, and that is what makes him different and someone who can be easily targeted. However, he is just trying to be honest.

The real estate magnate has also accepted his association with the Republican Party prior to launching his bid for the president. He has been very outspoken and this is what makes him so different and someone who can be believed upon. People like the way he does things. And he recently said that the people of the country are fed up with the ways of the Government, and want a change. He believes that he can provide them that option; he can bring about the change that people are demanding.

With all the good things and with odds favoring Trump somewhat, you can rule out an election count fraud. It has happened earlier and there is no guarantee that it can’t happen again. Many organizations, most of them non-profit, that support Donald Trump and his presidential bid, have done their research about how his opposition is planning his demise. And unfortunately, this is all being done using fraudulent ways.

These people in support of Trump, with no selfish motive of their own, are calling out for hand-counted paper ballots as opposed to secret computerized votes that can easily be altered, like in some previous occasions. Paper ballots should be counted in front of the public, and then whoever wins it, would be teh fair choice.

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