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Election Day’s Pathetic Reporters and Horrible Feelings
February 19, 2017
Donald Trump’s Presidential Election Campaign News – Things That Have Surfaced Till Now
February 23, 2017

Election is for Everyone
When I was a kid my brother and I would sometimes spend part of Saturday handing out gospel tracts in our neighborhood. We were pastor’s sons and probably felt some obligation to do it (as it was something promoted in Sunday School and youth group), but …
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Why Trump’s warning of ‘rigged election’ isn’t credible
Washington — Donald Trump has been claiming, of late, that if he loses in November, it will be because the election was “rigged.” After all, he says, look at the big, enthusiastic crowds he attracts at his events. Of course, massive crowds do not …
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Rigged election? Michigan Trump supporters concerned
Donald Trump claims the media is rigging the election to make Hillary Clinton president. USA TODAY NETWORK Embed Share Some supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump agree with his allegation that the media and the election are rigged.
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