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Miss Kenya: Trump Unified Entire Nation After Election
February 2, 2017
The Presidential Election – A Season of Fantasy, Falsehood and Fabrication
February 6, 2017

Election Data Screams Fraud
Amid all the media prattle about the white working class, the rejection of the status quo, and the great divide in the US, there remains one simple, but exceedingly dangerous, truth which none dare speak: the US election may have been stolen. Instead …
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Feeling down? A neurobiologist explains why your brain is in a post-election slump
Feeling a bit blue? Don’t just blame your feelings on the new president-elect of the US—your brain is wired for a post-election come down. We’ve just sat through months (years?) of fights and scandals. The pre-election build-up ended with a bang: big …
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Why Trump’s warning of ‘rigged election’ isn’t credible
Washington — Donald Trump has been claiming, of late, that if he loses in November, it will be because the election was “rigged.” After all, he says, look at the big, enthusiastic crowds he attracts at his events. Of course, massive crowds do not …
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