Ahead of The 2014 Election Season Robbery

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January 17, 2017
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January 21, 2017

Approximately one more year 2014 election will be held in Indonesia, for one year certain people will hear the news the breathtaking, from bulging investment that eventually the money was taken by the organizers of investments as recently happened (Golden Traders Indonesia Sharia involving names MUI Chairman and House Speaker Marzuki Alie, though denied by both) until the robbery to store physical gold, people who carry large amounts of money, and so on. Whether coincidence or not, the case “raise funds” illegally always coincide general election; trick also vary, but itstill looks robbery of public money. Recorded in 2004 and 2009 elections there are two controversial cases involving the “robbery” bank money and involving people in person officers suspected of a particular political party.

Biggest case, which is still being debated in the case of Bank Century society. 1999 elections are colored with counterfeit money crimes which until now has not been clearly revealed who the mastermind. Anxiety people’s events have sparkeda robbery before the election a big question mark, what’s behind all this? People are also treated to a variety of issues that always turns to divert to other issues, ranging from the arrest of thugs to two other events are considered a selling point to divert a larger issue, namely robbery money with tremendous value. All the allegations are directed by the politicians with different backgrounds is in need of money to fund the campaign to the seat of legislator.

Public concern with the proliferation of these crimes can lead to a sense of mistrust of law enforcement officers, because this case is actually very easy to solve but it looks to be difficult. It’s easy because the actual perpetrators of the crime is local and the technology allows the perpetrators could be identified. But it becomes difficult when the evidence seized by police officers and then evaporated case. That’s why events have been used as a general election trend by employers to be careful in doing business. People are stupid and greedy is always the target of the perpetrators who take advantage of this situation to spread the net a lucrative investment, but the investment for a short time just disappear.

Therefore the public to be wary of any investment that promises benefits unreasonably, be alert to the physical robbery crime bydoing extra security and are not traveling with a property that can make criminals “election” you glance…. Wary better than to underestimate ….!

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