8 Tips for Creating a Successful Election Campaign Strategy

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January 8, 2017
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January 12, 2017

Campaigning strategies for elections can be quite tricky as there is very less room for error. The key to winning is to stick to the fundamentals. Listed below are some fundamental tips that will help steer your election campaign in the right direction:

Be sure that you stand a chance to win-A popular myth is that if you run enough times, sooner than later you are bound to be noticed and be elected. This is not always the case. On the contrary, the more times you run, the less likely you are to win. Most people who run the second or third time don’t win.

Have a definite vote goal-Any strategy needs a definite goal, and an election campaign strategy is no different. Have a tangible vote goal and then formulate a strategy on how it can be achieved. Having a goal can help channelize resources in the right direction rather than squandering them.

Chart out a winning campaign-Once the goal has been established; chart out a strategy to win. It is very important to put the strategy down in writing and clearly communicate to everyone involved. The strategy should be reviewed on a constant basis and updated in accordance with the response.

Budget for a winning campaign- Once you have yourvote goal,workbackward in arriving at the budget. Keep in mind that you factor costs for a winning campaign and not just any campaign. This would involve analyzing cost of similar campaigns while assessing competitors’ strategies and costs.

Have a strong cause-Politics is a game of comparison. Voters will constantly compare you against other candidates and evaluate you. You need to give your voters a strong reason to vote for you. Pick a cause that you strongly believe in and also resonates with your voters.

Run for the right reasons-Run because you truly want to make a difference and not because you want to spite someone or feel pressurized. Run because you want to utilize your skills in enhancing the community.

Be prepared to askfor votes -The core of campaigning is to make phone calls, knock door-to-door and ask for votes. Ward off any awkwardness or pride in asking for votes. As a candidate running for elections, you will be spending majority of your time doing this.

Have a crisp and clear message-This is one of the most critical aspects of election campaign management.However, often candidates overlook this aspect. It is very common for candidates to send out mixed messages, or focus on themselves rather than the cause. Have a message that is clear and can be easily recalled by the voters.
These are some basic tips that you should follow while formulating winning strategies for elections. No matter what level race you are running, the key to winning is to stick to the fundamentals.

Akansh Malik writes this article, giving an insight into the fundamentals of creating a successful strategy for winning elections. He has detailed some tips that should be incorporated into an election campaign strategy that will help win the election.