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Successful Strategies for the 2010 General Election
December 29, 2016
Obama slaps sanctions on Russia, expels intelligence agents over election hacks – Washington Times
January 2, 2017

Is the U.S. election killing the economy?
The matchup between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is the wackiest U.S. election of our lifetimes. It isn’t helping the economy Growth was already off to a lousy start in 2016. Experts predicted a summer rebound, but so far, election concerns are growing …
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Election explainer: what does it mean that we’re having a double-dissolution election?
Malcolm Turnbull has made the journey to Government House at Yarralumla to ask the governor-general to dissolve both houses of parliament and hold a double-dissolution election. Both the Senate and House of Representatives will be dissolved. The writs will …

New voter ID rules, other election changes could cause confusion
Less than three weeks before Election Day, new voter ID requirements, early voting schedules and voter registration rules in more than a dozen states are creating uncertainty that could dampen turnout. In some states, courts are still hashing out new rules.
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