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December 27, 2016
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December 31, 2016

Elections can cause uncertainty for society and even for the individual citizen. The outcome can determine what if any new rules and regulations will be imposed or repealed. How companies and business ventures will be affected, can affect employment. The upcoming General Election 2010 is no exception. Each party has its distinct priorities and philosophies, which the voter has to consider when casting his ballot. The priorities of business owners may not necessarily match those of the employees, though both share the same hope for success.

Like many countries, the United Kingdom is facing predictions of rising unemployment. This will end up being one of the biggest issues in the 2010 General Election. Current predictions state that unemployment may rise to more than three million workers. The ever worsening situation may cause the voters to support the candidate who’s dog and pony show promises the most quick fixes.

The global economic downslide that we have scrambled to overturn has created pressure faults in our economy, and these can create tears in our social fabric. The individual who is most trusted to patch up existing holes in our framework and stifle prospective gaps will win General Election 2010. The question of who exactly fits that image is an increasingly urgent one, and one met with increasing uncertainty. There is no need to be uncertain, however, about who will create the most success for you in the immediate future.

One man who has found such opportunity is James Dempsey. After giving up a comfortable job in search of more freedom, he realized that freedom and fortune would never be found toiling away for someone else. He found his niche and realized that good fortune was his for the taking and any funds amassed could be kept for himself rather than handed over to someone else. His time could also be his own to tailor as he pleased.

James Dempsey is an individual who became independent as soon as he made the distinction between public victory and private success. Her decided that he did not need to trade his time for another’s money, and created his own means of support. Though he may vote in General Election 2010, he will not be dependent on the outcome of the election. His future, as he knows, is in his own hands.

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