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December 14, 2016
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The Election Commission of India (ECI) has made it very easy for the citizens of India to register and apply for a legitimate voter ID using both online and offline methods. It must be noted that voter ID is a very important document through which citizens of this country can vote. It is provided by the ECI and can be easily used for several government and private works. It is considered an identity proof of an individual residing in India. District level officers of the Election Commission generally distribute these voter cards to people after proper inspection of all the legal documents submitted by them. The voter ID card is compulsory for every person living in India if he or she wants to cast their vote. However, if the ID is lost, the person has to apply for a duplicate ID card if he wishes to cast the vote in his area or constituency. How to Get Duplicate Election Card can be pursued both through online as well as offline method.

Steps to Follow to Get a Duplicate Election Card

* It is important to inform the local police station if you have misplaced your voter card. You need to file an FIR in your local police station regarding the same.

* It is necessary to keep the copy of FIR with you.

* You need to fill form 002 that can be obtained online from the official website of Election Commission of India, or else you can get the same from your nearest election commission office.

* All the details in form 002 should be filled accurately without any errors.

* The copy of FIR should be attached with the form when submitting the form.

* Additional identity proof such as driver license, ration card or passport should be attached along with the form.

* Landline telephone bill, gas bill or passport will be needed to verify your local address or place of residence.

With all these documents, you have to visit your local election commission office and submit all the papers along with form 002. The officer will take all the papers and will acknowledge your papers through a receipt. With the help of this receipt, you can easily check the current status of your file online whenever you feel like.

How to apply for a duplicate voter ID card online?

Form 002 can be easily downloaded from the website of Election Commission of India. You have to fill all the details correctly, attach residence proof, identity proof, copy of the FIR, and submit all the documents at your local electoral registration office. It must be noted that if the documents are not complete such as residence proof or copy of FIR is missing, then you will not be issued a duplicate voter card. Therefore, it is mandatory to submit all the papers with form 002 in order to seek a duplicate card.

Non Resident Indians, who do not live in India, must not apply for their voter card, however if officers have been sent abroad by the Government of India, then in that case that person is entitled to apply for a voter card. If there are any complaints or queries, you should immediately get in touch with your local electoral office in order to get your problem or query addressed and resolved.

Voter ID cards are an important source of identification to identify the citizen of a country. The author of this article, Anand Pandey has written the necessary points to be considered in case one loses his or her voter ID card. duplicate voter id cardcan be obtained easily following some simple procedures.

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