John Lewis Christmas ad gets a brilliant election makeover

Nagar Nigam Election-Rules and Procedure
November 13, 2016
Google, Facebook Respond To Claims Of Fake News Influencing Election
November 17, 2016

John Lewis Christmas ad gets a brilliant election makeover
The John Lewis Christmas ad — which was unveiled last week — has been given a post U.S. election makeover and the result is a thing to behold. SEE ALSO: Another John Lewis Christmas ad, another Twitter explosion for this poor guy The original advert …
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Why Evanston superintendent’s post-election morning announcement went viral
People were ready for Eric Witherspoon’s message. The superintendent of Evanston Township High School walked into his office Wednesday and sensed it was time to speak up for unity. “There was a lot of confusion and even anxiety among the students that …
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My ProPublica Move: From Blogging and Teaching Back to Deep Digging on Climate
“To everything (turn, turn, turn), there is a season (turn, turn turn), and a time to every purpose, under heaven,” as my departed friend Pete Seeger wrote and sang. My purpose has long been to help people make sense of the momentous environmental and …
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