Nagar Nigam Election-Rules and Procedure

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Nagarnigam Elections Rules and Procedure


An accredited body of government that is liable to improve the infrastructure of any city is termed as the Nagarnigam. These Nagarnigam are formed in the city where the population is approximately one million.  With the development of the city the government is obliged to create a general body that is responsible for the basic communal services like the property tax, schools and colleges, hospitals etc. The Nagarnigam are formed by following Nagarnigam election rules and Nagarnigam election procedure.

The most essential requirement of the people in today’s time is having a good health center in their neighborhood. The Nagarnigam is in charge for providing the government aided Municipal hospitals where all the basic health facilities are provided. Another aspect of Municipal Corporation is to provide good education to every person who falls under their jurisdiction. After following the Nagarnigam election rules the jurisdiction of the

Nagarnigam is decided. To encourage more and more poor people to send their children for education to the municipal schools the mid-day meal scheme has been started. This in terms also helps in reducing the child labor. The Nagarnigam are trying a lot to improve their facilities by adopting modern technologies like currently they are trying to launch a website where people in their jurisdiction can deposit their house tax online and they don’t have to stand in queues to deposit their property tax. The other concern of municipal corporations is to provide a clean and neat city for which these bodies time to time take care of cleaning the garbage and improving the sewage channels to keep the city clean and neat thus creating a hygiene environment for its people to live.

The Panchayati Raj is followed where the population is less like small towns and villages.  The Nagarnigam were formed under the Panchayati Raj under the 1835 Act of corporations. The Nagarnigam elections are held every five years where the people elect their candidate. Since the metro cities are densely populated, so the metro cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai have the largest municipal corporations.

Nagarnigam Election Rules and Procedure

The elections of the Nagarnigam are conducted by the State Election Commission. Following are the general Nagarnigam election procedure
First is to elect the members of the municipality. These people are elected through general elections. Second is to define the electoral roll for each ward. This is organized by the state election commission. The qualification for the election of the member is that the person must be an elector for any ward in the municipality. The minimum age of the person should be twenty one.

A person who has been registered with the State Election Commission for any ward is liable to vote only for that ward. There are general election rules like no person can vote more than once. A person is only liable to vote in any one ward under whose jurisdiction he or she falls. Anyone under the custody of police has no right to vote as per the law. Nagarnigam election rules must be followed by everyone.

I am write this articles and gives the information about nagar nigam election and its rules and procedure.

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